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Villa Ban Lakkhom is a charming 10-room Boutique hotel in the UNESCO world Heritage Site of  Luang Parbang, nestled In the confluence of the Mekong and Num Khan Rivers. It overlooks the sleepier of theTwo rivers, the Num Khan. Literally meaning ‘House in the village of the Golden Pillar’, Villa Ban Lakkam has a wealth of  history written into its  very name. During the 13th century, a golden pillar was discoved when the land outside the Hotel was being dug up for the construction of roads. The gold was sold for a tidy sum of money know in Lao as a ‘Sene’, and the proceeds were used to construct the magnificent temple know as Wat Sene. Meanwhile, the village was known as Ban Lakkham, meaning ‘Village of the Golden Pillar’, though later it was changed to Ban Sene, to reflect the name of the temple at its heart. 


The two houses that form the hotel are more than 200 years old. Across the road, on a beautiful piece of absolute riverfront land with views that resemble a Chinese brush painting.
Villa Ban Lakkham is constructed from solid teak. its whitewashed walls, wooden shutters and wide verandahs and balconies are a fine example of the timelessly elegant local architectural style. Curtains, cushions and furnishings are all handmade locally.
Lao-inspired works of art, sourced from the owners’ favourite artists, are dotted around the hotel. Mosaic sun catchers reflect the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you.
Located within the hotel, The Meaningful Gift shop and gallery offers a range of unique one-of-a-kind gifts. Sourced from around the region, they are purchased directly from the artisans and crafters who make them.

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